Devlan Mud home made wash – alternative ingrediant

Painted some more of the airborne troops in the past week.
Made up some more Devlan Mud home made wash too.
The new wash has a different ingredient however.

Because the brown ink is so hard to source and if you can it is so very expensive I used some brown dye instead.
The dye is used in schools and because it is a powder depending on how you mix it up gives you either a dye, drawing ink or other.

So I tried it and it works very well.. in fact I think it works better than ink.

“devlan mud” style wash is:
3 drops elmer’s (1.03ml)
10 drops matte medium (3.44ml)
5 drops water (1.72ml)
10 drops brown ink (3.44ml)
1 drop black ink (0.344)

10ml / 29ml =0.344ml

Mixing up two pots of Devlan mud wash