Boots on the ground

Some progress.
Michaels painting gymnastics has spurred me on to paint some more myself.

I had been a bit lax between my boys needs, us having colds, preparing for Christmas.. those cakes don’t make themselves and I had been feeling a bit off and had terrible shaking hands latley.


The new 0.5mm airbrush needle and nozzel arrived from Ophiir and will use that later on the tanks.
I have made some progress with the static grass applicator… just need to finish it.

Finished painting the brown on wood and boots and helmet straps.
Alot of overpaint at this stage.. but he helmets get a paint of Olive drab and that leaves the brown helmet straps which looks real cool.
There is no leggings on these guys .. so boots are painted right up to the trousers.
The face is the only part painted in flesh tone as they wear yellow nubuck leather gloves. Thats the next stage.
Metal is being painted black so thats why alot of overpaint onthe guns occours.. which is cool because faces are usually real hard to paint when there up close to guns… no problem this way.
anyhow the pics..

Classic thompson MG troops

Staff sgt pose
Staff sgt pose
Another carbine
Another carbine

These look rough.. but when finished will look great… just wait and see.

Wood Elves Durthu

So I got this fellow for my birthday and was eager to paint him and just as eager not to mess it up.  Obviously putting  paint on the figure was a good start on the way to messing it up so I was a bit torn.  At a $113 doing a poor job would be a disappointment difficult to accept.  Anyway having it sit in a box forever would also be a shame so I stuck it together and primed it.

I recently changed my superglue from some rubbish GW stuff to some traditional salleys glue.  The later sticks fast on contact and is super strong unlike the GW stuff which has become weak and tacky.  Unfortunately this meant that when I stuck it together I didn’t have much time to position it and alas the sword and the head aren’t quite where I would have like them to be.  Rectifying this mistake would have required a saw and some greenstuff, and I wasn’t prepared to go there in light of my desire not to mess the figure up, wimp I know.

it is a beautiful model very three dimensional which made it tricky to paint, although not as bad as I thought it might be.  It’s also surprisingly durable, though I still managed to break of a bit of a branch and the longer of the two splintered pieces of wood sticking out his elbow.

I’ve tried to faithfully reproduce the paint scheme even though I have few of the colours and was constantly mixing paint as a result.  Wasn’t sure about the blue, still not to be honest.  Was tempted to make the blue mostly grey but struggled to get it right so just went with the blue.  Anyway very happy with the result, it is a stunning piece and whatever you think of the colour scheme it is a striking piece and I believe/hope that I’ve done it justice.

(hmm I think the blue looks even bluer in the picture too :-\)