Stock take – LOTR SBG

Had a stock take on Friday – Saturday – Sunday

Harad 1827
Mordor 2281
Moria 2779
Easterling 447
uruk hai 221 Total 7555
Rohirim 1158
MinisTirith 1720
Elves 1076
Undead 568
Dwarves 304
Fellowship 5115 Total 9941

Grand total 17496 points worth of miniatures.

I know I’m missing some… might be in another box somewhere.. some wood elf units.

Faramir – Armored version

had a bit of a painting blst tonight..

didn’t take very long.
One character.. two figures

Faramir from LOTR

I chose to paint him pretty much as he looks in the movie, not he GW style with lost’s of gold to make him stand out from the other knights.

So I primed with VJ black, base dry brushed GW boltgun metal, light dry brushed with VJ bright silver. Painted in the black areas again.

Then I played with the wet pallet to get the face done… not very good but a good table top job. Picked out lips after muted tones from brown to flesh.
No washed whatsoever..ok a little on the hair. Loved mixing the red browns for his Ginger/brown hair. Didn’t get the eyes very good or the intended light complexion.

Heaps of pictures..

On with the show

Jagdpanzer iv/70 – speed build

Ok here is a very long artical about a very quick build.

I recorded how long I worked on these models.. not in one continuous activity but in snippets of work.

SO here goes

11:50 unpack blisters

The 5 tanks in blisters.. these are OOP now.

Cleaning up the parts of flash
11:37 clean tracks

After washing then drying them in the sun on a towel.

Priming the tracks.
Note I did not prime the hulls because the resin is dark grey and this saves time.

12:30 – 1:00
Base coating in dukelgelb with airbrush

Base coating the hulls

1:25 – 1:45
Gluing on the tracks to the hulls

1:25 – 1:30
Using a template mask to paint the green camouflage but only on the hull and not on the road wheels.

Green on

Brown on
1:30 finish

2:30 – 3:10 – painting tracks

Hatches on
7:00 – 8:30 — painting tracks and fluffing around with fix ups and barrel painting and magnets
9:00 am next morning — 9:45 detailing

Gluing on magnets for holding the barrels

Fitting barrels and fixing he weak set. The magnets were too small for he weight of the barrels

6:45pm — 7:00 pm green stuff barrels.

Still some stuff to go… but otherwise looks like it has taken 5hrs50 mins
That’s an average of 1 hour and ten minutes each.