Orses – To get the can and face the gun?

Rohirim – The horse Lords project is progressing. There are 27 Horses and 26 riders in this batch. I have prepared the horses ready for the can of primer paint and the following Air Brush gun for he base colouring. Preparation of these was extensive for a large batch job.  Normally I would get more detailed in conversion work but I have left these pretty much stock standard and where the repairs were made they are for function not beauty.     I’ll walk through the process plus comments..


  1. Horses were bought and luckily most of all them were not glued together (amazing I know) and neither glued to bases or painted in any way.
  2. Some were broken at the typically one foot used to anchor he model to the base. These where pinned back together at the ankle and a wire stay was pinned through the torso to base to give real support.
  3. All flash and sprue that was badly left on the models were removed with a hobby blade. These horses had been crudely removed from the sprue but at least not ripped from the sprue.
  4. Each horse half was filed to remove mold lines and align the body half’s nicely. Wen painted you won’t see a line up the horse leg or along any belly or back.. they definatly don’t look like horse wearing hose.
  5. Each half was glued on the joint faces with plastic cement and firmly pressed together to weld the model together.
  6. The body is again filed along the glue extrusion lines.
  7. Loosely fitted to the bases and standing ready for priming and base coating.
AS for the riders well they are all prepared but need some arms and other appendages added or sculpted to complete them. But  the riders are what I will do last.. much like The Hardrim Raiders the rider is worked on last. But they have thier magnets fitted. The horses get their magnets after priming. But before base coating so as to be able to paint over any spilled super glue.




Rohirim charge

I have just finally collected enough figures to create an impressive Rohirim army. 

I have been very reluctant to create a Rohirim army that is what alot of other people do.. pretty much a whole bunch of Rohirm on foot.

I have admitedly collected a few footmen in my endevours to get Horse Lords however.

So as I am nearing the completion of my Haradrim cavalry I am soon (read as “have”) started on 26 mounted Rohirim.  That will include 2 Heroes. Probbly need a third for the new source book system of having 1 hero per 10 models.  (I’m still struggling with how that affects a Moria Goblin swarm?)

This will be an interesting task as I am going to ue the airbrush alot. Especially for horses and the Rohirim cloaks and cloths. Mostly as a time saver.

Ther will be some conversion required and alot of repair as these are all 2nd hand models that ostly suffer from missing spears and broken bows.

I will edit in some photos later but ther is a small (read as big ) army amassing from this.

I’m hoping we might try some games over Christmas time if were lucky.