LOTR SBG Converting Minis Tirith to Citadel Gaurd

These are archers of Minis Tirith on their way to being Citadel Gaurd.

First up this guy isn’t exactly finished.
The cape needs to come around his neck more and across his chest.
The eye openings a re wrong shape but I am not changing these as i will no doubt damage the eyes.
there is a pattern to be added to the nose protector.
The tab-bard is extended but quite roughly.. the paint job will hide a billion sculpting sins here.
The cape is very thin and has been bulked out in the small of the back. This is visible from the sides.. but I don’t care.
Ultimately these Citadel Guard give me the 3+ archery skill needed with long bows as opposed to just a bow. These boys are sharp shooters and aren’t needed for volley fire.. which hits on 6’s instead of 3’s

LOTR SBG Repairing lost sword

Repairing a lost sword is hard if you don’t have the missing plastic blade.. otherwise you just glue it back on.

Here is how to do it the proper way.

Add florist or brass wire. Brass wire is better for swords as it come straight.. and is much harder and won’t bend so easily. I have used florist wire here.

After a good half hour of filing the set Milliput while watching TV with a square sided needle file and filing the blade edge with a half round needle file I get a good blade.

I will use this method my Orcs too.. but I will set the putty on the wire before adding to the miniature. This lets me make several blades and pick the gnarliest of them.
Also I can make the blades from polymer clay and can cook them before attaching.

I will post later with a better picture of the completed blade. I was considering a war axe or mace.. but they weren’t issued in the movie.. but in LOTRSBG a hand weapon is a hand weapon.. so I could issue him a dagger and it would be just as effective.
The finished sword is narrower than this stage shown.
I hope you like this short article.

LOTR-SBG Repairing broken archers

bow-repair-tools-and-materialsRepairing broken archers

I have repaired some broken archers. They are men of Minis Tirith Archers.
Not wanting to just throw these away because they are missing half a bow I decided to make them go another volley.

I have received many 2nd hand figs and there are always plenty of broken bows.
Here is how to fix them properly.
You can, solvent cement the plastic part back on, if you have it.. but it is hard if you don’t.

I’ll run you through, it.

Here are the three archers I have… they suffer from the problem of the thin weak bow being vulnerable to being broken and worse the broken piece has been lost.

This one looks as if it was broken prior to a previous paint job. The primer hasn’t helped any glue repair. So I clean this surface off.

As part of the clean I make a central starter hole for later pin vice drilling into the hand. This is very important to do.

Drilling.. with my smallest drill..1.0 or 1.5mm drill.

This the wire I am going to use. It is florist iron wire. It is soft and takes a bend easily. This helps when getting the right curve on the bow.
Also the green paper twist absorbs cyrilinte (super glue) very well which becomes a brittle sheath on the wire that is roughly surfaced. This later takes putty very well.

Apply glue. And fit to pin hole. allow to dry/set.

The wire is set and is longer than needed.

Use set of draughtsmans dividers to measure the remaining bow length. Mark this on the long wire and cut with wire cutters so cut faces are forward and back facing this helps achieve a thin end later. Reduces need to file tip too much thus bending bow.

Here are three archers with new bow half wire.

Time to use Milliput putty. Reasons:
Water soluble so you can smooth it without having to apply too much pressure to bow wire.
Easily pressed between finger and thumb.
Sets hard but can most importantly be filed and sanded.. GS can’t.

Applied in a fairly rough shape and pressed.

Here are the archers with putty applied bows. later step is to file the bows to a thin uniform shape to match the lower section.

At this stage I have used excess putty to apply some pavers to the base and my signature .. which is my name in LOTR runes.
I have added a bush knife pouch and a food bag for when this guy is on the march and have to scavenge food etc… this gives him some individual character to what are all uniform models.

I will post pictures later of the finished bow close up.. it does look good.