Latest additions

My latest aquisitions have arrived… as I can be mad this is acceptable.

1 US inf rifle Platoon.
1 Weapons Plt (This is what i realy wanted) 4 x LMG and 3x 60mm Mortars.
1 set of extra bazookas 10 No. (Yes I wanted 10 Bazookas).
Artillery Staff teams and 2 x observers (which I didn’t have and areally handy for 105mm howitzers)

Bonus items thrown in to the deal for zip. (This gets good!)

1 xBritish Chevrolet truck.
2 x 2 1/2 Ton US GMC trucks.
2 x Sdkfz 250 Half tracks (Clean)
Finnish HMG teams x4 and Plt HQ
1 x pak 38 and crew
some 88mm flak crew (handy for modelling those extras for ROF 3)
The 2 Sdkfz 250’s will probably make up my Heavy HMG teams for Pz Grenadiers…

Good aquisition.. I’m thinking of converting the Chevrolet to a captured german vehicle of sorts.

British Armoured Squadron with Support

British Armoured Squadron and Support

Ok because I said I would here is my amoured squadron and support. (less the AA tanks and the comets, and the churchills…)

What we have there in total is

2x Cromwell iv, 2x Cromwell vi (CS)
Combat Platoons (x3):
3x Cromwell iv, 1x Sherman vc (Firefly)
Weapons Platoons:
3x Stuart v
6x Universal Carriers
Support Platoons :
2x Motor Platoon (4x M5 Halftrack, 3x MG team, 1x Command MG team, 1x PIAT team, 1x Light Mortar team)
1x Armoured Car Platoon (2x Daimler Armoured Car, 2x Daimler Dingo)

In effect there are a few more infantry stands but it seemed wrong to leave them out.