Speaking of brightly coloured paint jobs this is my Ariel minature.  A more ghastly looking minature I don’t believe I possess.  If I’m fair the style is heroic so you can’t quibble to much about its lack of proportion still she’s rather unattractive and the wings are quite thick, which you can’t really see from this picture.  The robes are pretty good, though my drybrushing hasn’t really done them much justice.  All in all it’s not a miniature I’m particularly proud of but it’s here for completeness.

Goblin Wolf Riders

Four of ten Goblin Wolf Riders.  Painted the wolves way back when, but only finished the goblins in 2008 I believe.  Next to the snotlings and the fanatics these were the first things I’d painted in several years.  They’re a bit bland, could do with some hightlighing and the painting of something on their banner.  Gamewise they’re a great cheap unit which is generally very effective.

Treeman (two) – Durthu

My second treeman, the old Wood Elves Special Character Durthu.  Painted a little while after my first treeman again to the Games Workshop colour scheme.  This however is replete with my first conversion job which consists of fixing his arm in place as if he were shaking his fist and a bit of metal flashing/sprue glued to that fist to represent him giving the finger/bird.  Ok it’s pretty rubbish since it doesn’t really look like his other fingers and his middle finger still remains bunched up in his fist.  It was a joke but despite many times thinking I should remove it I just can’t bring myself to do so.