Lizardmen Stegadon

…or as I think might be more appropriate Magnetadon, on account of the fact the model contains 49 magnets of various sizes.  The magnets allow the model to be assembled into all three types of stegadon.  

Stegadon (breakdown)Stegadon (magnet locations)

Each head has two magnets suspended inside the head cavity on a piece of sprue that was shaped as a backwards C and glued in place. The body side is also a piece of sprue similarly shaped. Rather than magnets I’ve used a piece of metal on the body meaning the magnets don’t have to line up which proved a difficulty in other places. The piece of metal is actually a broken craft knife blade. I got the fit by carving fixing the magnets on the metal blade and slowly paring the sprue inside the head back until the fit was snug. Then glued the magnets to the sprue inside the head.

The top level of the howdah has a magnet in each leg and a paired magnet in the mounts on the stegadon body. A large magnet is placed in the base underneath the howdah matching another on the body. This forms a pretty strong bond. This was done as the banners on the top howdah add greatly to the height of the model and I felt this would allow it to be stowed more easily.

The shield and the crossbow each have two magnets that roughly match two magnets on the front of the lower howdah. They don’t line up perfectly and the lower howdah has a warp in it (probably not fitted correctly when I glued it) however the magnets are large and the attraction is strong enough to hold them in place.

The engine of the gods has two small magnets in the base matching two in the floor of the upper howdah and there are magnets on the steps that which allow the shaman to clip in place (with magnets in his feet). I built a throne from plasticard ands some bitz left over from the slaan so that the chieftan could stand on (again using magnets in the steps matching magnets in the chieftans feet). This is because the throne for the chieftan is normally made from pieces used in the engine.

For the blowpipes I carefully drilled holes into the corner posts where they are normally mounted and placed long pins in the base of the blowpipes that fit into the holes. This seems to work well and doesn’t use more magnets.

One of the skinks has a magnet in his arm socket allowing him to swap a banner/standard for a javelin and there are four other magnets in the floor of the howdah allowing for skinks (all who have one or two magnets in their feet) to be placed on the howdah.

Lastly I created some bases for the chieftan and the shaman so they can be converted to regular miniatures whenever they are not employed on the stegadon.

Skink Chieftan
Skink Shaman
Skink with detachable javelin
Skink with detachable standard

Stegadon with Blowpipes
Stegadon with Bolthrower/Crossbow
Stegadon with Engine of the Gods

More Lizardmen (Seraphon in AoS)

More progress with the Lizardmen

Salamander  Three salamander. The one with green scales and it’s herders was well painted so aside from some touchups and some matt varnish I didn’t change anything there. I repainted the other herders to match those and repainted the remaining two salamander


Saurus Battle Standard Bearer  The lizardmen battle standard bearer. Due to the weight of the banner I had to modify the base to tilt it back moving its centre of gravity back toward the middle. I also had to bend a pin around where the standard meets the banner as I wasn’t convinced glue alone would hold it in place for any period of time.

Battle Standard BearerBattle Standard Bearer

Saurus Cavalry  A mixture of basecoated and primed saurus cavalry. One rider is bluetacked to saurus as he is a drummer without a drum (which comes as part of the mount). Will rectify this when we make the other saurus riders up.

Saurus CavalrySaurus Cavalry

Skink Chieftan Blowpipe   Skink Chieftan with blowpipe. A brief dalliance with the idea of green skinks. A bit like the standard bearer the centre of gravity is a bit far forward. Add lead to the base to help offset this which seems to have done the job.

Skink Chieftan BlowpipeSkink Chieftan Blowpipe

Skink Shaman (Blue)  Blue skink shaman as distinct from the green painted version of the same model (see below).

Skink Shaman (Blue)Skink Shaman (Blue)

Skink Shaman (Green)

Skink Shaman (Green)Skink Shaman (Green)

Skink Chieftan with Sickle  Skink Chieftan with sickle and heart (one of my favourite lizardmen minis)

Skink Chieftan with SickleSkink Chieftan with Sickle

Skinks  This represents about a third of the skinks. These are all the ones with a javelin (although some have javelins and blowpipes). Not convinced on the crests, might repaint.

Skink Chieftan with Sickle

Lizardmen (Seraphon in AoS)

Over the last few months I’ve been busy painting Martin’s lizardmen.  

Slaan.  Martin had done a pretty good job painting the Slaan up, however time, the miniatures many sharp edges and a lack of varnish (because the model wasn’t finished) had resulted in some of the painting being chipped off.  I primed (from a pot) those patches that needed it and painted over the model.  

Scar Veteran

Kroxigor.  Technically painted over the top of, as they had a coat of blue over most of the figure and yello over the metal accessories.  However by the time I’d tidied up the mould lines and removed and sanded the pins that were sticking out of the forearms I’d worn some of that away.  


Scar Veteran.  Just finished this yesterday.  Base still needs finishing but since I had the camera out…  This was also overpainted as an initial coat or two of the primary colours had already been applied.  Painted over about three days.

Scar Veteran

Temple Guard.   Aside from the Kroxigors these were the first things painted and I’ve been using these and the other saurus models to test different paints and methods in preparation for painting some of the other unpainted models.  Went with different coloured shields but I’m thinking of making them more uniform as I’m not sure it works the way they are.

Temple Guard

Saurus (with spears).  Again overpainted and serving as practice miniatures for later models.

Spear Saurus

Saurus (with handweapons).  Same as the spear saurus.  Painted these in about a week which is lightening fast for me.

Spear Saurus