More Lizardmen (Seraphon in AoS)

More progress with the Lizardmen

Salamander  Three salamander. The one with green scales and it’s herders was well painted so aside from some touchups and some matt varnish I didn’t change anything there. I repainted the other herders to match those and repainted the remaining two salamander


Saurus Battle Standard Bearer  The lizardmen battle standard bearer. Due to the weight of the banner I had to modify the base to tilt it back moving its centre of gravity back toward the middle. I also had to bend a pin around where the standard meets the banner as I wasn’t convinced glue alone would hold it in place for any period of time.

Battle Standard BearerBattle Standard Bearer

Saurus Cavalry  A mixture of basecoated and primed saurus cavalry. One rider is bluetacked to saurus as he is a drummer without a drum (which comes as part of the mount). Will rectify this when we make the other saurus riders up.

Saurus CavalrySaurus Cavalry

Skink Chieftan Blowpipe   Skink Chieftan with blowpipe. A brief dalliance with the idea of green skinks. A bit like the standard bearer the centre of gravity is a bit far forward. Add lead to the base to help offset this which seems to have done the job.

Skink Chieftan BlowpipeSkink Chieftan Blowpipe

Skink Shaman (Blue)  Blue skink shaman as distinct from the green painted version of the same model (see below).

Skink Shaman (Blue)Skink Shaman (Blue)

Skink Shaman (Green)

Skink Shaman (Green)Skink Shaman (Green)

Skink Chieftan with Sickle  Skink Chieftan with sickle and heart (one of my favourite lizardmen minis)

Skink Chieftan with SickleSkink Chieftan with Sickle

Skinks  This represents about a third of the skinks. These are all the ones with a javelin (although some have javelins and blowpipes). Not convinced on the crests, might repaint.

Skink Chieftan with Sickle

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