Lizardmen (Seraphon in AoS)

Over the last few months I’ve been busy painting Martin’s lizardmen.  

Slaan.  Martin had done a pretty good job painting the Slaan up, however time, the miniatures many sharp edges and a lack of varnish (because the model wasn’t finished) had resulted in some of the painting being chipped off.  I primed (from a pot) those patches that needed it and painted over the model.  

Scar Veteran

Kroxigor.  Technically painted over the top of, as they had a coat of blue over most of the figure and yello over the metal accessories.  However by the time I’d tidied up the mould lines and removed and sanded the pins that were sticking out of the forearms I’d worn some of that away.  


Scar Veteran.  Just finished this yesterday.  Base still needs finishing but since I had the camera out…  This was also overpainted as an initial coat or two of the primary colours had already been applied.  Painted over about three days.

Scar Veteran

Temple Guard.   Aside from the Kroxigors these were the first things painted and I’ve been using these and the other saurus models to test different paints and methods in preparation for painting some of the other unpainted models.  Went with different coloured shields but I’m thinking of making them more uniform as I’m not sure it works the way they are.

Temple Guard

Saurus (with spears).  Again overpainted and serving as practice miniatures for later models.

Spear Saurus

Saurus (with handweapons).  Same as the spear saurus.  Painted these in about a week which is lightening fast for me.

Spear Saurus

Arachnorak & Forest Goblins

Haven’t posted for a while but have been busy painting.   This is an effort to get all the recent paint jobs up on the website.  

Approximately a year after the my wife purchased it for my wedding anniversary (another plastic year) I finished my largest and most expensive warhammer miniature.  At only a year old this is pretty quick work on my part.

I decided to go with the web slinger (catapult) because, well it looked the coolest I thought.  I put the shaman on the little tower and painted it separately as I had the pieces left over.

The Spider itself was done building up from a doombull brown to wazdaka red and then lots of black (army painter dark), brown (army painter strong) and red (carroburg crimson) washes with the odd red and black dry brushes to get the effect.  I think this worked out pretty well.

When it came to painting the goblins, webs, feathers, wood, I started to get a little bored.  It perhaps doesn’t look like it but there is a ton of detail in there and I kept finding bits I’d missed or weren’t done well.  It was hard to quantify progress after an evenings (2-3 hours) work.  Partly an issue with my slow painting but nevertheless I was very pleased when I finished it.

The base has some agrellan earth providing the crackled dirt in the corner.  There is quite a lot of detail on the wood logs that hold up the spiders back legs and of course the literal handful of mini spiders.  I also made a couple of puddles (under the spider and pretty much impossible to see in the photo) from layering up pva glue and black, green and brown washes.  Turned out not to bad, hard to get rid of all the bubbles, takes a long time (layer at a time) to get the depth and you need to be careful with the washes as they can haze the pva.


Forest Goblin Shaman