Boots on the ground

A few quick shots of the US 82nd Airborne job.

Some Dukit molds for making some wooden crates on the Staff team bases

Dukit press molds

The radio operator on the staff team base.
I had two ammo feeder figs left over so I converted them to battery pack men for the radio. The wire is de-ravelled guitar wire.
Radio operator pair  -  staff team


Artillery pieces ready for basing
arty - two batteries of four pieces or considered as one 8 piece platoon

LMG’s and mortar platoon.
LMG's  - Mortars

The company command teams HQ and 2IC plus the three bazookas.
HQ pair and 3 x bazookas

A close up of a basic quality of the paint job

The two combat teams

Glade Lord on Great Stag

Another model purchased by my wife for me for our tenth wedding anniversary.  An expensive model so I was a bit apprehensive about painting it.  But having just had our fifteenth wedding anniversary I was feeling a bit guilty that it was still sitting in the cupboard.

Growing up a lot in Southland and close to deer farms I have to say the stag looks a little ‘fantastical’?, but having seen what they did with the wild riders and sisters of the thorn mounts perhaps it’s for the best.  As you can see from the pictures I did a little freehand on the cloak (copied MIG off coolminiornot), very pleased as the lord needed something, he’s not my favourite model but the freehand made him a bit more interesting.  Also did some non metalic metal on the spear and sword strapped to the side of the stag.  It’s not great and somewhat undermined by the real metalic gold on the various hilts etc but it’s my first try.  Blended some ‘magical’ blue stuff onto the primary weapons (photo chops off the white tip on the sword, oops).  Replaced the dinky stone aged spear he was carrying with a majestic lance which looks great but I can see it’s probably going to break at some point, it already bent at the join I made to the old spear, bent it back but the join is now less seamless than it used to be.  Also used the GW technical paint Agrellan Earth on the creek bed, you can’t really see in the photo but it’s all cracked up like baked clay.


My wife bought be this figure for I think my tenth wedding anniversary.  We just celerbrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary the other day.  So was probably time I painted it.  Went with the Games Workshop colour scheme.  Don’t normally paint blues but liked the idea.  Didn’t highlight up quite as much as the ‘evy metal team (or whatever the GW inhouse painters call themselves these days.  Pretty happy with it and useful to have another foot mage in the army.  First use of grass tufts (army painter brand) and really like them.