Playing with green stuff isn’t just for hippies and Wallstreet

OK this is a short picture artical on conversion with green stuff.

This is all about having fun… there is no stunning stuff here.. rough sculpting and showing how you can make those extra figures you have go further.

SO the problem here is you can get about three different poses of metal figure for Mordor Uruk-hai from GW.
But when I buy second hand figures there is always a bunch of Uruk-hai engineers from Sarumans White hand Uruk-hai (WHU) army mixed in with the lot.. what to do?
Yep I decided to make them Mordor Uruk-hai (MUH). But MUH look different.. they have predominantly dark skin, wear basic plate Armour and lots of mail.
WHU have big brimmed helmets (for siege ops) I suppose), segmented plate armor and other uniform features… so.. lets make them un-uniform and give them trousers.

Lets start..

A = Helmet rims come off
B = Shoulder segments come off and reduce to two parts only
C = Chest plate is reduced and leather straps are removed
D = Stomach segments are removed
E = groin plate (sporren?) removed

F = Rear engineers helemet piece is removed
G = Wrist plates are removed

After carving off details
Added greenstuff.. making:
Crude mail skirt sections on sides
smoothed plate section on chest
added cloth interleave on right shoulder
added helmet crest
Filled in bare legs with rough torn trouser material

Still need to add leather strap sections but mostly done.. on the way to looking like Mordor Uruk-hai now.

I also need to add some better weapons.. big swords.. and maybe a mace or flail… I have five of them now so lets play game … you suggest to me the armament and I will make it and add it.

If only Willy could save all these Orcs?

Last weekend I decided to get a wriggle on and get some more figures .. mostly done.

I wanted to do something quick and Orcs seem to be easy to paint.. and they are.

These are not highlighted but seriously some of them don’t need it.

Many have no weapon as these are all second hand figs that I have stripped , re primed and now painted.

There are others that need arms sculpted on and I have decided to do that later… crazy I know.. but I wanted it now…


Anyways… on with he pictures.. as per usual..
Hand weapon and shield warriors group 1

Hand weapon and shield warriors group 2

Spear armed warriors group 3

Two handed weapon warriors group 4

two handed weapon warrior, Spear armed warriors (Spear fixed up by adding a blade so could be a two handed weapon or spear really. The third one needs arms added and weapon as conversion)

These three are really interesting… these are Uruk-Hai. I trimmed off the big engineers helmets and segmented armour to make them look like leather bodice, two of them need weapons added. I may beat some copper wire flat to make crude swords..thats another article.

Two handed weapon warrior fixed up to make as a spear

Flash mob photo…

There you have it 24 Orcs… is that 2 Dozen or a a pod?
Now all I nee is a little Hobbit.. called Willy maybe even…

one eyed Willey … Goonies. One eyed Willey  you remember him don't you?