Skaven Packmaster

Having painted both rat ogres I was keen to get the packmaster that goes with them out of the way.  Pulled him out of the cupboard as an primed matt black rat and went to it.  Two hours later this was the result, which for me, a terribly slow painter who generally paints with one or both eyes on the telly is quite an achievement, albeit this guy is pretty small.  I haven’t got around to basing it yet rather obviously.  Quite happy with how the bronze colour came out, on both this and the rat ogre.  Can’t remember the colours I used but worked my way up from something like copper to shining gold or some such rather than using the same colour and washing and highlighting.

Skaven Rat Ogre 2

The second of the two rat ogres in the Island of Blood box set.  Since this fellow was painted probably more than a year after the first it’s surprising if they look similar at all, since I couldn’t remember what I’d done on the other.  This rat is perhaps more interesting with the warpstone chunk in the shoulder, the blade and … whats that, a kettle he’s sporting?  He has fewer scars and stitching and bandages though which looked pretty good I felt on the first rat ogre.  At some point I’d base coated most of him bestial brown (over a black primer).  So from that point took me about 7 hours (whilst watching tv).