Skaven Rat Ogre

Skaven Rat Ogre, or at least one of the two from the Island of Blood box set.  Relatively straight forward but for the copious flesh colour which can be tricky.  Not sure I did the best job of it but it’s good enough.  Deviated from the translucent skin effect that the GW painters employed showing raw muscle and sinew.  I didn’t really think about it until I checked the book later and went “oh yeah” but by then it was too late.  Good thing too because not sure my skills were up to it.  The black fur in the photo looks a bit ‘not painted’ it’s less so in real life but you do get that general impression.  Might have to highlight more with blue or grey.  I don’t like painting a lot of black for that reason, probably should have gone for brown fur.

Skaven Warlock

Skaven Warlock from the Island of Blood Box set.  Painted according to the GW colour scheme (as is usual for me, I’m so creative).  Was pretty straight forward, probably only took me about four hours which for me is speedy.  Pretty happy with the results though perphaps the elven shield under the warlocks foot/paw is a bit bright and sparkly in comparison.  But this is fantasy.

Skaven Warlord

Here is the finished (or almost finished) Skaven Warlock.  It’s the same one that I started in an earlier post and was busy detailing my painting of it step by step.  Obviously that flew out the window after it sat in the cupboard for about a month and I decided that I better just finish it and be done with it.  I’m still annoyed that I tried going down the road of a base coat of gold on the armour, I don’t know what I was trying to achieve.  Took more paint and time to rectify which meant that I have been rather hesitant to do a lot more to the armour as I did not want to obscure any of the detailing that was slowly being painted out.  I haven’t painted on any skaven runes onto the banner yet and the green warpfire is not quite right either, so I like to think that I might go back and finish those bits but realistically I think thats unlikely.  All in all though I think it’s turned out pretty well.  Not one of my best pieces but then certainly not one of my worst.