A call to all Generals

Had a very short discussion with Michael on Sunday and described my idea of following on from our Firestorm Market Garden Weekend, that I would like to host a Battel of the Bulge… or Bastogne weekend.

Now even though the Axis side won last game… this does still make it fit nicley into the next big event in Late war… of course a Hurtgen Forrest would be great… but lets not forget that was a very very bloody battle zone.

Any how… Thought I might put togehter a custom map.. get it printed and play the same set up as last time… with a few tweeks.

Now be yee oportunity… to have ye say in such said matters …

Speak now… please.

Intended time is late february next year. Can be earlier.
At this stage all required figures are availabel except for…
Armoured panzergrenadiers
German rafts
German light IG’s
USA recon
USA Airborne Mortars
USA Tank hunters (complete)

All senarios played as snow even if terrain is distinctivly summer like out side. You see I am trying tom make the table weather the opposite of what is actually outside vis a vi last game day snow up to your elbows outside.)

Need.. anything german, anything USA. Esp US airborne and german motor or panzer grenadier. Can use BR m2/3 half tracks as captured vehicles for germans.

26. Volksgrenadier
28th Division USA
44th Engineer Battalion
110th Infantry

    VIII Corps

10th Armored Division (United States)
3rd Tank Battalion,
20th Armored Infantry Battalion,
C Company 21st Tank Battalion,
B Company 54th Armored Infantry Battalion,
C Company 609th Tank Destroyer Battalion,
420th Armored Field Artillery Battalion,
and three companies of support troops

    SHAEF reserve

82nd Airborne
101st Airborne
501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR)
506th PIR,
502nd PIR,
327th Glider Infantry
Kampfgruppe Peiper
2. Panzerdivision

The map we may use
Type of map be may be using

Air drops and suport still option… but may have a reserve/weather timing thing.

Air Supplies
Air supplies

101st Airborne troops picking up air-dropped supplies during the siege.