King Tiger

Getting the king tiger ready for operation Market Garden.

I have assembled the tank except the mud flaps and side skirts… because I want to be able to spray paint this monster.

Any ways.. as per usual.. some pictures.

Oh.. I had alot of trouble determining how the drivers hatch opens..

The battlefront pages didn’t have any photos of the configuration with hatches open… but I did find a good photo

hatch photo

Proposal – checking the waters

Hey guys I have been thinking about playing some modern 15mm skirmish just for the fun of it.

I have looked at some rules and ambush alley seems to be a popular set at the moment.

I was wondering if you guys could let me know what type of modern armies you like the sound of.

I am thinking of getting either Eureka minis or rebel minis. Eureka are Australian so I kinda prefer them. Also you can buy individual soldiers in 15mm with them.

I like Soviet or Serbian / kosovo and my second choice is PLA Chinese.

Eureka Eureka direct Eureka
Browse by: Irregular minitures (drop down)
—> “15MM” RANGE select
—> “Moderns” select
—> select your catgory USA, Soviet, 1990’s USA.

Rebel Rebel

EDIT: sorry I used the link HTML tool and .. well it didn’t work.

Ambush alley rules… hugly supported… the new FOW I think.
Ambush alley games

But any of your thoughts are good.. I like the idea I can re-use my FOW terrain.

Operation “Get Cracking!” pt 5

Dear Diary,
this weekend has been a real blast… I set out knowing I was going to succeed.. but the realities of all this painting work has just blown my mind.

Yup the “wonder wash” lived up to it’s reputation.
However I must make a note that if i am to use it again I shall use a tone lighter than the required. Because it can make thinks a little darker than expected.

Anyways… I did a brown was.. followed by a black wash.. which I used Vellajo paint with not Tamiya black. Because it makes that awful watermark thing… but the floor polish does go a long way to remove that problem when mixed 50/50 with the water.

Anyways the final layer was some pink wash on the faces and hands.. over did it on some but most look remarkably better with some flushed tone.

So here is some pics.. any ways..

Here is a shot of the whole lot. This is one full platoon. But i have made two platoon command stands. Which lets me make two 3/4 size platoons or enough command to drop an air mission.