Gorbad Ironclaw

My current work in progress.  Gorbad Ironclaw.  Keen to do a good job on this since the model cost like $70 (nz).  So far painted the skin dark angels green highlighted up through snot green and goblin green with a bit of thakra (or whatever it’s called, it’s green) wash.  Red paint was done with scab red and highlighted with a mix of scab red and ruby red.  Applied a little bit of black wash to shaded areas.  Chainmail paint chips on all the high wear areas / edges.  Fur cape is mostly graveyard earth, devlan mud wash, kommando khaki and bleached bone.

The photo is not great the black undercoat is absorbing most of the light but you get a sense I guess.


So I built a lightbox, or rather a quick and dirty lightbox for taking photos of my figures.  First efforts, the ork photos below, were a bit yellow’ish as they were taken a bit late in the day and there is a lot of artificial yellow electric light.  Will try again later when there is a bit more natural light.  Certainly it’s easier to use than my previous system.  Could have chosen a better box, ie one with one part sides that didn’t require extra reinforcement because I chopped windows in the sides but there you go.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, it is a box on it’s side with three windows cut into it.  One each on either side and one on the top which were then covered with baking paper.  Obviously the idea is to allow diffused light into the box (via natural and artificial sources) and onto the subject.  The result should be a well lit model without any shadows.  As you can see it also provides a nice mechanism for holding in place the sheet of card as a curved backdrop to get that suspended/floating effect.