Army List for NATCON 2011 – Christchurch

HQ and attachments:

  • 1 HQ with:  2x Panzerfausts and SMG for both KK and 2ic
  • 1 Panzershreck team 

 Combat plts: 

  • 2 full grenadier plts with Panzerfausts/smg HQ 
  • 1 White pioneer Platoon with Panzerfaust SMG HQ and Supply wagon

1x Weapons Platoon:

  • 1 x 120cm Heavy mortar platoon

3 x Divisional Support Platoons:

  • 3 x Stug G assault guns
  • 4 x Pz IVH
  • 2 x 8.8cm Flak 36 AAA guns with extra crew & tractors.  

This is 1650 points exactly.

What is lost from the previouse list is: 

  • the 81mm mortar section from the HQ ….
    (Thank you Mr Light for pointing out to me that it is not compulsory to take these if you have heavy mortards but that you can’t have the section with the the HQ and the a full platoon of 81mm mortars.).
  • Pak 43/41 88mm AT gun pair.

Reasons for changes:

  1. The triangle of sturdiness supplied by two platoons of three armoured fighting vehicles.
  2. Mobility… two dedicated mobility platoons to come on as reserves.
  3. Dual purpose Flak 36’s.. long range everything and AT and AAA capability. (Must check if the ROF 3 gives them 2 skill checks for AA ROF)
  4. Problem with having a wagon with pioneer platoon means it becomes a mobile reerve… especially with 88’s and the 120mm artilley coming with transorts. The 120mm artillery comes with the price of trucks built in.. so technically theyare mobile too.
  5. A quick double check of the mobility costs may allow me to leave teh 88’s and the 120mm artillery on and one infantry platoon for starting platoons… on delayed reserves games.

So when do you want a game to test the list against?


Army list for nationals in Christchurch – FOW

Hey decided on my list for NATCON
1 HQ with:
• 2x Panzerfausts and SMG
• 1 Panzershreck team
• 1 section of 2 x 81mm mortars

3 Combat plts:

• 2 full grenadier plts with Panzerfausts smg HQ

• 1 White pioneer Platoon with Panzerfaust SMG HQ and Supply wagon

1 Weapons Platoon:

• 1 x 120cm Heavy mortar platoon

3 x Divisional Support Platoons:

• 3 x armoured Sdkfz 11/7 20mm AA half tracks

• 2 x 8.8cm Pak 38/41 43/41 Anti tank gun platoon (had wrong number)
(upgrade transports to Sdkfz 7)

• 4 x Pz IVH

Which gives me :
4 motorised platoons out of 7 platoons. And this is 5 points under 1650 at 1655.

This whole list is designed on the fact that playing defensive battle pretty much means you half a Company vs  whole company. Which against Russians and US armies is very severe. only on the basis that they get so much more armour cheaper.. and thus can swam an infantry army.  But we have some tools.

Infantry plts can take on tanks and retain smoke screen until reserves arrive. May only field 2 to start with and leave the Pioneers as reserves.
To increase survivability a four Pz IV tank platoon gives massed fire and mobility for a first reserve. Or if attacking will make the spear point.
2 x 8.8cm guns will anchor any firing corridors or lines of sight for AT work.. need to be hidden from observers. Probably my a second reserve unit due to set up time and unlimbering. Cannot be ambushed.
AA halftracks are air defence primarily and added ability to move easily away from artillery zones… or to keep templates off of dug in artillery. Last effort anti infantry firepower too… especially against dug in infantry. Although the heavy mortars are for that.

Most missions I will be playing defensive battle which means ½ my platoons are off and have to roll for reserves at turn three.
Need to delay enemy and then rush in reserves. I will do this by keeping on the heavy mortars and pin infantry or reduce the tank count as much as possible. Especially tanks, as they will move and therefore be an easy range in target.. hopfully with top armour 1 on top and leave my H mortars a good chance of debilitating them.
PzIV ‘s were chosen over 1 Tiger tank for the entire survivability by numbers and the ability move much faster. It is assumed they will not be fighting anything BIG and that the 88mm heavy PAK will be dealing with those with both 100cm range and AT16.

Besides if I face a set of 20 odd late war T64’s with hte powerfull gun they will last at least one round?

In any attack mission the infantry will be pushing the ground. Most attack missions give all your platoons a start except for cauldron and breakthrough… so hoping weaken the enemy first piecemeal then close and assault. Will be tricky.

All up it is a decently balanced list. And usually don’t take this many tanks… 3 stugs is usually my limit.

Of course I had 5 Panthers in Invercargill a while back.. making me a laier