US Infantry Heavy Machine gun Platoons X2 – and some!

Hello everybody?

My names Martin, you may recognise me from blogs such as: US infantry #1 and US infantry #2!

Today I am going to tell you about the US infantry Heavy Machinegun platoons X2 project.

I started by preparing a massive amount of US infantry figures I had to paint some 2 months ago.

I included 2 blisters of new HMG teams from Michael who bought them at discount from the Toywold sale in Dunedin.

I added all the odd platoon amount I got in another auction I won. As these were the old castings which are better I decided to use them. Besides they also had some bazookas.

Undercoating in Krylon metal cote.. black. Good stuff.

This time I became even more dismayed by paint so many infantry that I took one HUGE short cut.

This time I have not painted base colour and left the black primer showing in the recesses and shaded areas of the miniature.
This time I am going to ink and dry brush highlight.
It will be intersting as the paints are all the same brand and colours… we shall see some comparisons.
Pictures to follow..

Today I have painted all base colours and only have the final leather and wood colours to apply. And of course the helmet colour which is last.

So I should have 2 x HMG platoons ready in a few weeks after Christmas. Plus an extra Infantry platoon… that makes.. five platoons…

Also I have enough Shermans now to field 2x 4 tank platoons with 2 command tanks.

Curently working on stripping and air brushing 2 GMC M10’s I have 1 Utility car.