US Infantry Companies X 2 2nd Lot Part 1

Gee .. if you managed to get past the title then the rest will be a breeze.

I started painting my 2nd Lot of tow US infantry companies.

This lot will be different however.  They will include HBT or Heering Bone Twill uniforms, which use the Olive Green colour in place of Olive drab trousers or Buff coloured wool twill shirts.

No immediate pictures at present as I have only painted some of the Buff coloured Jackets and all the brown Boots.

I will post edit this later when I can show you some comparrison photos f the two uniform styles.

I havn’t flocked the bases of the first lot yet as I am going to make a presentation board and harmonize the whole lot.

As I will probalby play these guys in atournament one day… cheezy list with four -five platoons of infantry..


Core platoons of infantry… 1,2 and 3.  Plus 1 Ammunition Plt, and a Ranger platoon. Possibly a scout patoon as well.

Luckily enough  have spare US infantry soldiers froman online auction which allows me to make a scout platoon which has only 7 stands as opposed to 11 in a standard platoon.  Oh the Ragers field 7 as well.  thats 54 stands.

Hows your Russian hordes looking Potts?

EDIT:  20/09/2010

Have painted the trousers on half of the figs. The jackets are all done.  I have kahki trousers and HBT trouserd painted.

The HBT trousers and shirts require  dry brush to ping the colour.

The Kahki coloured jackets only require a subdue inking.

All going well this will be done tonight. Buy the end of this week I should have all the webbings painted and will be ready for the painting of rifles, followed by flesh and finally the helemets.

Eta three weeks.. theni willhave four platoons of US infantry.. cool!

P.S I have a box set of A Bridge Too far Firestorm now.  Cool….  so start painting your king tigers and UK airbourne units.


Ok ok ok!

Here some photos showing the three unform combinations I am using.


OK I have now completed all the clothing and the flesh, guns and the like. Have the bazooka’s, Radio packs and Helmets to paint yet.

Oh and also the inking and dry brushing to the finish is needed.

Anyways on to the photos.

Edit 05/10/2010
Finished painting colour on the US Infantry troops last night.
Toniaght I spray paint matt varnish. Wednesday I may peel them from thier card temporary bases, because all thier base now belong to me. LOL

And then I will reinstate them to a real plastic base and coulsd possibly get the plaster laid around them.

Then I will be cleaning and undercoating two HMG platoons.

Hey have any of you read the FOW Big War PDF?

Edit: 06/10/2010
Further progress last night. I sprey painted the infantry with the matt varnish .. ther all set for the next finishing phases.

I also “found” a late war infantry platoon amoung my US infnatry… they are the new sculpts from Battlefront and quiet frankly I don’t like them.. they look like scarecrows.. they hae actual scale and need a little more heric scaling to them.

Also I cleaned up the HMG’s and crew and they are all stuck to card with PVA for priming. Ther isn’t as many as when I painted the last two platoon which was 98 figures.. after counting , I was surprised!

So I might add in the US paras tht I have and paint them too… which should be easy as ther whole uniform is the same colour… a read dipping army if ever I saw one.

Plus some other loose US infantry… So I will have enough for 3 combat platoons a A&E platoon and a Rangers platoon. Also I have another 10 bazookas on the way and a Weapons platoon which has 3 x 60mm mortars and 4 30 cal LMG’s.

Should have enough spares to make up a scout platoon… as well.

Edit: 08/10/2010 : FIxed the soldiers to bases last night. Have some more to go and then plastering of bases to start.

Nobz (two)

Ork Nobz

The Ork Nobz from the assault on black reach that I’ve been painting for my son.  The photos don’t really do them justice, probably should retake them but can’t really be bothered.  Day was very overcast and I didn’t use any other light source which meant a lot of editing to make them half pie decent.  Also the bases aren’t really finished only have green grass for flock and that doesn’t quite seem appropriate will work on that later.