Eternal Guard / Spearelves

Five of my ten spearelves, formerly called glade guard and now I guess called eternal guard.  Anyway nomenclature aside these are another unit I’ve always been fond of though they always done poorly on the battlefield.  When I bought them back in fourth edition ten man units weren’t so silly of course now they’re somewhat useless.  I’ve been meaning to purchase some eternal guard and using these guys to bulk them up but just haven’t got around to it.  With 8th edition’s emphasis on ranked infantry though I might have to rethink that, since my combat phase has until now relied on wardancers and dryads both of whom skirmish and as such have been left looking in through the window of the candy store whilst all the other infantry types got goodies handed out to them.  Not that they won’t be useful of course just will have to use them differently.

Anyway that aside the spearevles paint scheme was copied from GW’s I think with some guesswork involved in places.  I really like the colour scheme (even if it is a bit Australian), again they’re metal so feel good too.  The sculpts are a bit of a mix but pretty indicative for the period (mid nineties). Painted such beautiful flawless smooth yellow shields I’ve been too scared to decorate them with a motif (and thus undoubtedly ruin them), have no decals for them either.  A fine example of my drybrush everything painting style at the time.  I noticed on some of these photos I wasn’t even very careful about it, or at least didn’t touch up afterwards.  Bad me, you don’t really notice though since the models are mostly green cloaks and yellow shields.

Glade Guard / Archers

Five of a unit of ten Glade Guard, or what were more commonly referred to as Archers back in the day… and glade guard were spearmen.  But hey no point being picky.

What can I say.  I actually really like this unit, they’re metal for one so there’s some decent heft to them.  And my painting scheme (and this is one of the rare occassions when it really is MY painting scheme, not diligently plagerised from Games Workshop) is well, not to bad I think.  From their blue velour tunics to their pinstriped breeches.  I think they’re cool even if the technical aspect of the paint job is only passable.

Glade Riders

Knowing how much Martin enjoys the whacky cartoonish appearances of my old school elven steeds here are my 5 horse unit of old school glade riders.  What to say, well they look a bit silly now beside the new ones which look considerably more realistic.  I do kinda like the light armoured elves with their crested helms but these probably are a little civilised compared to the new  more feral approach which I think I prefer.  The paint job on the horses is ok.  Obviously my attempt to dapple them wasn’t very effective, they really need a white glaze over the top to blend the spots into the grey but at the time that was a bit beyond me, possibly still is.  I remember having a few goes and making a bit of a mess.