2cm FlaK38’s

These are my FlaK38’s (minus the command team) that I finished off last week.  The guns themselves were painted with Martin’s airbrush about a year ago?  but have only now finished them off painted the crew and based them.  Pretty happy with my work on the camo smocks for these guys, the combat platoons (of which I have no photos yet) are a realm mismatch with me trying different techniques and even colours.  They’re far from perfect but they’re certainly adequate.  I’ve also continued my theme of painting the bread bags ‘luftwaffe blue’ (highlighted to a considerably bright pale shade) because well I think it makes them stand out even if they’re a bit bluer than they probably should be.  Must be my background in painting fantasy figures that makes me want to do that.

Project Panzergrenadier Kompany -Pt4

OK ..painted the stowage.

attached tracks..yeah told you about that last time…


Found some shots that are inspiration for some canvas cover mods..  but not to the ones that have the cover trussed on the stowage.. perhaps.

Fold back cover one.
Cover tethered but one span remaining
The way the army would have it done- like a bed roll
one rod tether and a fold over
one rod tether and a fold over

Pulled back but two rods
Pulled back but two rods

Skaven Warlock

As with James I purchased this Skaven Warlock for Tommy when I was in Wellington at some point for a course.  The opportunity to shop at a Games Workshop store which stocked like more than 10 things was quite appealing.  Anyway again as with James this is Tommy’s first Warhammer figure.  It’s probably not that flattering a photo (both this figure and the orc boar boy for James were finished with a gloss varnish since I figured they’d get handled a lot).  It’s quite a detailed figure though it isn’t particularly apparent from this shot.