Operation “Get Cracking” Pt 2


Well I finished two test solders/figures.
You will notice this is a habit I have started now when prepping to to do a production line of figures… I suggest this to anyone thinking of painting a platoon or more of figs… paint a couple from start to finish and get the process right and change things.

This one was good.. I changed my usual order in which the flesh gets painted. I do however have to change my formula for the dark or ink wash. I’m still getting bath rings forming on my wash. Dish wash soap doesn’t seem to help. I’m thinking the magic wash is going to have to be tried again.. although I will need to buy some “Klear floor” polish first.

So… here is the first wash over the spray coat of desert yellow. This is a pretty dark wash of Khaki by Tamiya liberally applied over

so here is a comparison photo of the finish

I then jumped ahead and painted boots and wood, webbing’s (khaki), helmet (olive drab), elbow and knee knee patches and bags (olive green) and flesh, I then fished the guns and binoculars in black.
The black wash followed (which didn’t smooth very well.

here is the eye candy..

So the result is that the was darkens the base colour too much over all and needs a wash of almost equal colour.. but tinted so that the shadow will sit in the low spots. Of course a dry brush would solve this.. but I’m hoping to avoid it.

Nobz (two)

Ork Nobz

The Ork Nobz from the assault on black reach that I’ve been painting for my son.  The photos don’t really do them justice, probably should retake them but can’t really be bothered.  Day was very overcast and I didn’t use any other light source which meant a lot of editing to make them half pie decent.  Also the bases aren’t really finished only have green grass for flock and that doesn’t quite seem appropriate will work on that later.

Ork Warboss

Ork Warboss

My latest effort in the 28mm scale.  My son James likes Or(c/k)s whether it’s fantasy or 40k.  So when we saw the 40k box set on sale, and given that I already have something of an orc army in fantasy we bought it.  This is the first figure to be painted from that box.

Whilst I was really hoping to turn out an absolutely perfect model first up this unsurprisingly didn’t eventuate.  However if I’m fair I don’t think there is another single model that I have painted that is better than it.  So whilst the change in some of my habits, tools and techniques hasn’t exactly yielded perfection I think it has certainly made a difference for the better.

The painting scheme, like most of my stuff is based on the GW paint scheme, though it’s not an exact copy having changed a few minor things and colours.  I really wanted to do the black and white checks even though I was pretty unsure about them.  Some are better than others.  I did the power claw first and the loin cloth last and I think you can see that on the model with a progression toward executing the pattern more accurately.  I’m also very happy with the skin and the face.   Not counting cleaning, assmebly and undercoating the model took about 27 hours work, which even for me who is slow is getting up there.  Of course I do watch TV whilst painting which means things take me about twice as long as they probably should.   I think as is often the way the picture doesn’t reflect the model as well as in real life (both good and bad), I’ll try to retake it with a better light source.